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About Us

We are the South Qld Tennis Academy, we are Toowoomba-based and leaders in tennis excellence in our region. Our purpose is to develop players, enable them to exceed their expectations, and celebrate who they are and who they will become.

Our Philosophy

At SQTA our core philosophies are always to have the players’ welfare in mind and to develop a player's personal autonomy. With this foundation, we have cultivated a disciplined and challenging training environment that develops the player and the person. Being open and honest is an integral part of this atmosphere. It enables players to develop a mentality of learning, a capacity for trying new techniques and fuels the player's passion for tennis. The outcome is that a player becomes mentally tough, highly skilled and can separate the person from the persona. Creating players with the freedom and awareness of an athlete that is experienced well beyond their years.

Our Community

Tennis is a game, but it can also be a lifestyle. At SQTA we endeavour to link our Academy to an inclusive community. Knowing that we can develop a player holistically, we encourage you to come along on the journey of success and excellence at the South Qld Tennis Academy.

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